Recycling of pollutants back into raw materials instead of displacing them in sewage systems or disposal sites

Waste gas and flue gas purification technology

Steuler Anlagenbau develops, plans and installs future-orientated processes and plants for exhaust and flue gas purification. We see our task in a cost-effective recycling of pollutants back into raw materials or converting them into naturally occurring substances – and not simply displacing them in sewage systems or waste disposal sites.

We have plants and processes applicable in the following processing stages

  • electrostatic precipitation (dry or wet)
  • catalytic and thermal reduction/oxidation
  • chemical wet and drying absorption
  • adsorption and desorption
  • heat recovery
  • residue recycling

The systems and services we offer include all processes and plants necessary for the treatment and recycling of exhaust and flue gases from

  • gas, diesel, landfill, pyrolysis and biogas-fired engines and turbines
  • coal, heavy oil, sinter, coke oven, pyrolysis and biogas-fired power plants, boilers and furnaces
  • municipal and hazardous waste incineration plants
  • chemical and petrochemical processes
  • calcination and sintering plants in the ore and metal processing, cement and expanded clay manufacturing industries
  • smelting and reduction furnaces in the steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metal and glass industries
and can each be used as stand-alone solutions or in any combination of process stages up to an entire exhaust air treatment and purification plant.

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