Flue gas treatment

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The treatment of flue gases e.g. from power stations or refuse and hazardous waste incineration plants places high demands on the flue gas scrubbing technology.

These flue gases contain variable combinations and concentrations of pollutants, such as SOx, HCI, HF, NOx, particulates as well as various heavy metals and organic compounds, such as dioxins, furans and hydrocarbons. The levels of these pollutants must be reduced to below the permitted emission limits before being released into the atmosphere.

Our proprietary cutting-edge technologies, research and development and extensive experience in the industry of many years make Steuler your competent partner of choice for complete exhaust gas treatment systems in a wide range of application areas.

Steuler Anlagenbau supplies state-of-the-art exhaust gas scrubbers that feature excellent pollutant removal rates with low investment and operating costs and maximum reliability while being easy to operate and maintain.

But that's not enough for us!

For many years now, topics like innovation and sustainability have been an integral part of Steuler's work.

Being fully aware of the need to conserve resources, our favored approach is to convert pollutants into reusable materials –  should this be impossible for process-related reasons, pollutants are converted into harmless compounds.

Two notable examples are the flue gas desulfurization unit developed by Steuler, which converts environmentally damaging acidic sulfur oxide compounds into reusable gypsum, and the high-performance SCR/DeNOx catalyst technology, which breaks nitrogen oxides down into the harmless components N2 and O2.

Below is a selection of typical fields of application for Steuler's flue gas treatment systems, which are designed for retrofitting in existing plants, for new builds and for process optimization purposes:

  • Combustion power plants that use coal, oil or other fuels, typically cogeneration plants fired with coal, fuel oil or similar dirty fuels
  • Incineration plants for the disposal/thermal processing of industrial residues, typically hazardous waste incineration plants, dross incineration, off-gas incineration, sewage sludge incineration
  • Thermal processing plants, such as recycling plants, soil decontamination plants, ammunition disposal plants, calcining plants, cement kilns, zinc smelting works, roasting and sintering plants etc.
  • Chemical and petrochemical processing plants, typically production facilities for the raw materials, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries