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60 years of industry-proven technologies and processes – Made in Germany

Steuler Equipment Engineering constructs and supplies plants for exhaust air purification and surface treatment.

In the exhaust gas treatment sector, we specialize in plants for catalytically, thermally, physically and/or chemically removing pollutants from exhaust gas streams.

In the surface treatment field, our focus is on complete plant systems for treating metal surfaces, treating and processing industrial wastewater with recovery of reusable materials and water as well as process media regeneration plants.

We consult closely with our customers to develop the process and plant engineering systems best suited to their requirements.

Our success in the market is founded on our detailed technical knowledge combined with decades of experience in the construction and operation of industrial plants. Thanks to our expertise and sound instincts regarding the latest requirements, technologies and methods, the Steuler Equipment Engineering Team is able to develop solutions tailored to the unique aspects and circumstances of each individual project. Being able to use the Steuler Group's corrosion protection solutions is just one of the advantages we enjoy in the market, besides the hundreds of references we have from projects around the globe.

You can trust our specialists – we've been doing this for a long time.

Steuler Equipment Engineering is a strong member of the Steuler Group. Our customers and business partners can count on the peace of mind and long-term dependability that comes with an established family-run German company. Founded in 1908, the Steuler Group today is one of the leading global specialists in industrial lining systems and plant engineering, and one of the largest "Made in Germany" tile manufacturers. Long-lasting, quality workmanship, innovative technologies and over 2,800 team players with a wealth of expertise at 25 locations around the world are what the Steuler Group's success is founded on.

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