CO2 fertilization

Greater yield in less time

Increasing plant growth and yield in greenhouses

For many years, the installation and operation of natural-gas-powered cogeneration (CHP) plants has made it possible to heat greenhouses using the waste heat from the engines while simultaneously generating electricity for the grid and internal use.

By integrating our catalytic exhaust gas purification system, the CO2-enriched exhaust gases can be efficiently used to accelerate and boost plant growth in addition.

This form of CO2 fertilization has been successfully employed in this large and important agricultural sector for over 25 years. Steuler is proud to have been involved since the beginning, not only developing this technology to production maturity, but establishing it as standard practice in the greenhouse growing industry.

Increasing yields by up to 40 %

The high concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the exhaust gases from the engines combined with a Steuler exhaust gas purification unit enables crop yields to be increased by up to 40 %. Whereas atmospheric air typically has a CO2 concentration of 350 ppm, we can achieve levels in the greenhouse of up to 1,200 ppm using this technology.

Climate control computers in the greenhouse regulate the CO2 concentration according to the requirements of the plant or vegetable being cultivated.

Maximum protection for your plants

A reactor equipped with catalysts in the exhaust gas system simultaneously reduces the levels of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide (CO), ethylene (C2H4) and nitrogen oxides (NO & NO2), to a minimum. This ensures your ornamental plants or vegetables are optimally protected and only receive what is necessary for their growth. All of the major agricultural insurance companies in Europe attest to the safety of our technology.

We attach great importance to servicing and maintaining our units

Our units are serviced and maintained by our competent service team on site. Should a unit malfunction, we can connect remotely to rapidly diagnose the issue and take prompt action. We always keep an adequate stock of spares to ensure the unit is up and running again quickly.


Cost-effective CO2 production

Processes developed in-house, the use of cutting-edge technologies, our research and development capabilities and a wealth of experience in a multitude of applications make Steuler your competent, reliable partner of choice when it comes to installing your exhaust gas purification unit.

Reasons for choosing our system:

  • Increased purification performance combined with low investment and operating costs
  • Maximum operational safety of the units with minimal servicing and maintenance overhead
  • High yield levels for your greenhouse

We're close to our customers

Our maintenance company Steuler Catalyst Systems NL b.v. ( is there to ensure reliable servicing of the ECO2PRO units over the long term. Steuler Anlagenbau offers all its customers a range of servicing options, from individually customized service plans to full maintenance contracts.



Extract from our reference list

With over 2,000 units installed throughout Europe, we can claim to be market leaders in this field.