Project planning and development


Based on invitation to tender or requirement specification, we offer everything from engineering design services to finished plants.

In addition, we support our customers from the concept development phase with feasibility studies and drafting a requirement specification, if desired.

The offered scope of supply and services can vary, according to customer, industry, technological maturity, project phase and lifecycle of the plant.

We offer different types of contracts depending on the customer's wishes and situation. Take advantage of our years of expertise and experience as a general contractor, planner, sub-contractor or as part of a consortium.

By the time the tender is finalized, you can expect a lot from us, including:

  • List of main and ancillary systems
  • Mass and energy balances
  • Block diagrams and, if necessary, process flow diagrams
  • Layout
  • Automation concept
  • Time schedule
  • Cost estimation
  • Description of the scope of supply and services