Planning and execution


We take responsibility for implementing your project in a professional, cost-conscious and timely manner based on our certified quality assurance and management system.

Key to the success of every project is its smooth execution while taking into account all of the interfaces between the client, suppliers, service providers and regulatory bodies.

For us, delivering one-stop solutions means doing everything to ensure the project runs smoothly. From the first consultation to final assembly and joint commissioning we are available for our customers – worldwide on site and in the shortest possible time.

We provide all the key services with our experienced team: project management, engineering, CAD, procurement and supervision. In addition to this, we can also rely on many long-standing suppliers and installation companies, some of which are part of the Steuler Group.

We plan and develop modular, complete plant systems based on innovative, process technologies. Being modular means the necessary process and plant engineering systems can be precisely customized to requirements, and expanded with new process engineering components as necessary. It also allows for more flexibility or changes to processes be required at a later date. In this way, we build a solid foundation today on which our customers can base business decisions, investments and new requirements in the future.

In the Engineering Department, we use state-of-the-art software to create detailed documentation for the respective project phase. These detailed planning documents contain such things as:

  • Equipment lists
  • Designs
  • Specifications
  • Process descriptions
  • Risk analyses
  • Process-related chemical media data
  • Mass and energy balances
  • Thermal transmittance calculations
  • Takt plans
  • Process flow and P&I diagrams
  • Layout and piping diagrams
  • Detailed layouts
  • Bills of materials and process media lists
  • Piping classes
  • Installation drawings
  • Foundation blueprints
  • I&C documentation including performance specification and requirements specification
  • Order specifications
  • Time schedules
  • Training materials
  • Training documentation
  • and more besides.

In addition, we prepare structural specifications for your vessels, process equipment and pipework, and can simulate a variety of load conditions via FEM calculations, for example.

Furthermore, we assist our customers to the extent desired and agreed upon with obtaining official permissions.

We are convinced that every accident is avoidable, and take construction site safety very seriously.

Keeping an eye on the overall picture while paying attention to the special details, and drawing on our decades of experience in the field – this is the professionalism and expertise that flows into all of our projects.