Less environmental impact More surface quality

Regeneration and wastewater treatment technology

Improving surface quality, increasing plant availability, reducing the operating costs and environmental impact of surface treatment plants – Steuler Anlagenbau develops modular regeneration and wastewater treatment systems for the process media used and the rinse and waste water produced. Our Engineering matches our customer's specifications and requirements precisely while fulfilling the requirements of the local regulations so that the investment pays off.
We take all the relevant conditions into account when developing our plants and concepts, and in doing so, make the often crucial step that allows the efficient exploitation of all factors. We always give special consideration to the water supply and wastewater disposal, the disposal or recycling of residues and the sustainable use of energy.

Conventional batch and continuous processing plants for the mechanical and chemical treatment of spent acids, waste solutions and rinse water operate using the following treatment stages:

  • Neutralization
  • Precipitation
  • Selective precipitation
  • Chromate decontamination
  • Nitrite decontamination
  • Multi-layer filters
  • Selective ion exchanger
  • Sludge treatment and dewatering
Additional chemicals are introduced to neutralize undesired chemicals or operating media. However, the environmental problem is mostly displaced through this, i.e. from the wastewater in the on-site pre-flooder to the waste disposal site.
Steuler Anlagenbau thinks a step ahead and develops, designs and supplies complete
for recovery of raw materials and water, and even plants that operate without generating any wastewater, which operate economically and run and environmentally friendly too.

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