Proven technologies and systems future-proof, expandable plants thanks to modular design

Surface Technology

Steuler Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG has been developing, planning, managing mechanical, chemical and electrolytic surface treatment plants for steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, aluminium, glass and special metals for over 40 years. The ideal concept for a custom-designed plant is achieved through dialogue with our customers while taking all the relevant parameters, plant requirements and site conditions into account. Only when all of the factors and requirements associated with each process stage have been considered as a whole can a well-thought-out solution be created that also allows for the further development of the production, operation and plant technology at a later date.
Steuler is able to supply optimized, tried-and-tested plants and processes for treating a variety of materials, geometries and throughput capacities. Our focus is always on high treatment quality, optimized chemical use and energy consumption, low operating and capital investment costs along with minimal environmental impact.
Extendible, modular design
Steuler Anlagenbau develops and designs "your plant" based on your specific requirements and local circumstances. In addition to surface treatment plants, Steuler also supplies the necessary environmental technology, such as exhaust gas and wastewater treatment plants, regeneration and recycling systems for spent acids, process media and wastewater, including wastewater-free designs (ZLD = Zero Liquid Discharge). We always consider a surface treatment plant in conjunction with these parameters too, as they often make decisive contributions to improving manufacturing quality while demonstrably lowering operating costs and sustainably reducing environmental impact.
In answer to the demand for a reduction in NOx emissions and nitrate discharge, Steuler has developed a pickling solution for use in "spray pickling" lines. It uses hydrochloric acid instead of the mixed acid HNO3/HF, for removal of scale from stainless steel surfaces. Besides greatly reducing the environmental impact, this results in improved surface quality and increased throughput while lowering operating costs.

The use of HCl as the pickling liquor offers the following advantages:

  • no nitrogen oxides in the exhaust air
  • lower sludge formation during the process as a whole
  • minimized chemical costs
  • shorter pickling time
  • lower capital investment and operating costs
  • simple reprocessing of spent acids
  • wastewater-free pickling (ZLD)